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Limited Edition Auspicious Dragon Tiffin Carriers (Hand-painted)


Introducing our Limited Edition Auspicious Dragon Tiffin Carriers, a harmonious blend of cultural symbolism and practical elegance, designed especially for the Seasonal Chinese New Year theme. These distinctive carriers are a celebration of the mythical dragon, a symbol of power, strength, and good fortune in Chinese culture


Immerse yourself in the majesty of the Chinese dragon with our Auspicious Dragon Tiffin Carriers. The exterior is adorned with exquisite dragon motifs, capturing the essence of this auspicious creature believed to bring prosperity and blessings during the Lunar New Year.


Embrace the festive spirit with a colour palette inspired by the Chinese New Year. Rich reds, golds, and auspicious hues dominate the design, symbolising good luck, wealth, and joy. The carriers radiate the warmth and vibrancy associated with this joyous occasion.


Whether you're gifting these carriers to loved ones or using them to elevate your own celebrations, the Auspicious Dragon Tiffin Carriers serve as a thoughtful and symbolic gift, bringing wishes of good fortune and prosperity to the recipients.

Limited Edition Auspicious Dragon Tiffin Carrier (Hand-painted)

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