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Limited Edition Fortune Goldfish Tiffin Carriers (Hand-painted)


Dive into the festive spirit of the Lunar New Year with our Fortune Goldfish Tiffin Carriers, a delightful blend of cultural symbolism and practical elegance. Inspired by the Seasonal Chinese New Year theme, these carriers feature charming goldfish motifs, symbolizing abundance, good luck, and prosperity. 


The Fortune Goldfish Tiffin Carriers are adorned with whimsical goldfish designs, each carefully crafted to capture the playful spirit of these auspicious creatures. Goldfish are believed to bring good fortune and wealth, making them a symbol of prosperity during the Lunar New Year.


Celebrate the Lunar New Year with a touch of whimsy and elegance, as the Fortune Goldfish Tiffin Carriers bring together cultural symbolism and practical design for a truly delightful and memorable dining experience during this auspicious season.

Limited Edition Fortune Goldfish Tiffin Carriers (Hand-painted)

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