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Handpainted. Daisies epitomes innocence and purity and is the sacred flower of Godess Freya. Symbolizes a new beginning.
Unique 3 tier pyramid shaped tiffin with 3 containers.
Size: 12.5cm(tier 1), 11cm(tier 2), 9.5cm (tier 3) diameter x 22 cm height

Signature Daisy Blue- Hand Painted

  • .Eco friendly Made of stainless steel. Safe for food storage. Inside of bowls are stainless steel. Outside of bowl are painted with enamel paint. Designed for easy care and clean. Use soap and water. Avoid abrasives. Hand painted products are unique and will not be uniform between pieces. Certain amount of discolouring on the external painted area is expected from usage which adds to the rustic look that is truly yours.

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